Kanjuku Umeshu Genshu

Kanjuku Umeshu Genshu uses only fully ripe Nanko ume plums from Wakayama Prefecture, providing a vastly different flavor profile compared to other umeshu products. While most umeshu is diluted to lower ABV levels, Gekkeikan's umeshu is bottled at 19%, giving this tantalizing and versatile umeshu a real punch of flavor.

Tasting Notes

This umeshu is thick and almost syrupy, with a gorgeous amber color. Fruity and flavorful, it has a very sweet, mouth-coating texture.

Serving Suggestions

Chilled (5 – 15°C) Room Temperature Warm (40 – 50°C)

Product Information

  • Category: Plum liqueur (umeshu)
  • Size: 450mL, 720mL
  • ABV: 19.0%
  • Taste: Sweet
  • Body: Full-bodied
Kanjuku Umeshu Genshu

Pairing Notes

Best served well chilled, either straight, on the rocks, mixed with sparkling water, whisky, or brandy, or in cocktails. Excellent as a dessert wine, and even drizzled over vanilla ice cream.