Savor the sublime.
One sip at a time.

Savor the sublime.
One sip at a time.

Horin is more than a beverage.
Named after creatures of legend,
it is a testament to taking time:
time taken to select the finest ingredients;
time taken to bring you a masterpiece of sake brewing.
For those who indulge in the finer things in life,
it is an invitation to take your time.
It should be savored
Slowly, patiently, tenderly – as it was brewed.
True pleasure is never rushed.
Horin - take the time to savor the sublime.


Experience the unexpected from the moment it touches your lips.
Savor the refreshing sweetness, the profound, full-bodied aroma, and linger in the exceptionally clean aftertaste.
This exquisite sake, poured from an exquisite bottle, is the exceptional flavor profile that Horin has perfected.
Junmai Daiginjo is crafted light and clean, with a refined, sweet and fruity palate.
Junmai Ginjo offers a subtle twist, concealing a refreshing acidity behind its sweetness.
Born from the tradition and skill of Kyoto Fushimi, we present to you Horin, the testament of our artistry.



Koji. The heart of sake.
Infusing new life with new approaches.

Our koji, the essential ingredient at the heart of sake’s flavor, is cultivated through an innovative new  technique developed in-house. Koji enzymes are crucial in the accharification process, where rice starches are converted into glucose. Moving beyond the traditional Tsukihaze-koji (pierce propagation) technique typical in Gijon, we’ve dopted a new approach, balancing the koji propagation for more precise control. We also maintain meticulous control over room temperature and moisture levels. We selectively combine the best attributes of Yamada-nishiki and Gohyakumangoku to extract a refined, sweet and fruity umami that is distinctly our own.


A singular flavor demands a singular yeast.
A journey in cultivation.

Yeast also plays a crucial role in determining the flavor and aroma of sake. As crafters of sake since 1637, we have thousands of yeast strains at our disposal. The true hallenge lies in finding the perfect strain to balance sweetness, acidity and aftertaste in a low-temperature environment. After extensive research, we narrowed our focus to our types of yeast, and continued trials at our brewery to find the perfect strain to produce a singular flavor. Our efforts were rewarded and we finally isolated Association Yeast 9, the defining element of Horin’s distinctive profile.


A cooler, slower fermentation.
Taking time to unravel the authentic flavors and aromas of rice.

Our fermenting process occurs at low temperatures below notably cooler for a typical Ginjo, and we use a locally sou 10℃,  rced groundwater from Fushimi in Kyoto. While the low temperature results in a longer fermentation period, it allows us to take our time in extracting the refined sweetness from the rice.

We also take time to account for the natural changes in koji and yeast, which like all living organisms, respond to seasonal and environmental variations. Each morning, our skilled brewers check the moromi in the fermentation tanks. With a traditional ‘kai’ paddle in hand, they expertly sense and adjust the brewing process through touch, ensuring the best care for each batch. In every step of brewing, we take our time, willingly dedicating our years of experience and skill to bring an exquisite flavor, and create a masterpiece of sake brewing in each bottle.


The shape of the 720mL bottle is characterized by
its supple and beautiful curves.
The special shape is hand-labeled one by one.

Origin and History

100 years of tradition and taste.
A legendary sake,
reimagined for the modern era.

The origins of our signature sake stretch back over a century, to the 1890s during Japan’s transformative Meiji era. Here, in a quest for a name that would reflect the unparelled taste and aroma of this exceptional sake, we arrived at the name 'Horin Masamune.' The name is inspired by the phoenix (Ho) and the qilin (Rin), mythical creatures celebrated in ancient Chinese lore as symbols of good fortune and auspicious beginnings. Through our long history, we have honored and cherished this name, reintroducing it in the Showa era as our premium sake brand.
Our dedication to the Horin legacy has been unwavering, uncompromising in our pursuit to craft a sake that is nothing short of legendary. We invite you to indulge in Horin, an embodiment of our passion and craftmanship in sake brewing. It is a testament to our commitment and a masterpiece worthy of the Horin name.