Gekkeikan Breweries Triumph with Gold Prizes at 2022 National New Sake Competition

August 17, 2023

Gekkeikan breweries, Otegura Brewery and Uchigura Brewery, emerged victorious with Gold Prizes at the 2022 National New Sake Competition, announced by the National Institute of Sake Research. Out of 818 entries from across Japan, Gekkeikan's two entries exemplified exceptional quality, securing top honors.
The National New Sake Competition, in its 111th edition, is a prestigious event dating back to 1911, recognizing the best new sake through a rigorous judging process combining sensory tasting and scientific analysis.
Gekkeikan's success reinforces its industry leadership and commitment to quality. The Gold Prizes for Otegura Brewery and Uchigura Brewery highlight the brand's dedication to excellence in sake craftsmanship.