Gekkeikan The Life of Tsunekichi Okura

The Life of Tsunekichi Okura the Man Who Restored Gekkeikan

During an era of modernization in the Meiji period, there was a man whose name was Tsunekichi Okura who incorporated scientific technology into sake making and distributed Fushimi's local sake across the country.
The man who paved the way for the future of Japanese sake
And expanded his company by a hundredfold in one generation!
A force of creation and innovation
The 11th head Tsunekichi Okura
Head of the family at age 13?!
Tsunekichi's mother Ei
You must learn from actual experience inside the brewery
Hang in there! I've got this, even if I have to bite into stone!
 Tsunekichi as a young boy
The power that brought great success
The proactive integration of scientific technology
Becoming the first among Japanese sake manufacturers to establish a research lab
Tsunekichi as a young man
Preservative-free, pre-bottled sake on sale
Inheriting the family-owned sake brewery established in 1637 during the early Edo period as the 11th head of Gekkeikan at the age of 13, Tsunekichi expanded his company's scale of operations a hundred times over during his lifetime. His path to success, however, was not always so smooth. After immersing himself in sake brewing and making countless numbers of mistakes, Tsunekichi came up with many examples of creation and innovation, such as the establishment of the first research institute in the Japanese sake manufacturing industry. This initiative dramatically improved the quality of sake, and paved the way for the future of Japanese sake. During his later years, Tsunekichi continued to push forward as a social entrepreneur as well, because of his gratitude toward his community. This story begins from the history of its establishment, during the reign of Iemitsu, the third shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate.
Chapter One
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