Museum Floor Guide



The Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum has been created from a sake brewery built in 1909. It still retains the atmosphere of the old brewery with its earthen flooring with flagstone inlays where rice was washed, as well as its roof trusses made from Oregon pine beams.


The public relations film, "Making Gekkeikan Sake", is showing. You can see traditional sake-brewing techniques as well our workers brewing the high-quality sakes Gekkeikan is known for today.

South Exhibit Room

Founded 1637. This tells you the history of Gekkeikan, one of challenges and creativity from our founding to the present day, using rare archival materials.

Inner Garden

The garden features small mounds arranged in the middle and a stone pavement leading to the hexagonal gazebo. Guests can take a break from touring and rest on the benches in the gazebo.

North Exhibit Room

Wooden containers, sake barrels, paddles, and other tools used in making sake are divided by process and displayed in this room. The tools have been designated as Tangible Folk Cultural Properties of Kyoto City. Guests will be able to imagine the techniques used by craftsmen in the past, as well as have a feel of the traditional culture of sake brewing.We also have demonstrations of decorative straw wrapping on certain days.

Sake Tasting

Guests are welcome try our sake products at the end of the tour: We offer a range of sakes brewed with the underground water that is Fushimi's natural bounty, using traditional techniques honed through our history of challenge and creativity.


This well was used to draw groundwater recharged deep beneath the naturally rich Momoyama Hills. Clean water, low in iron, makes Fushimi sake special. This water, ideal for brewing, is what we use in our adjacent breweries.


This spacious courtyard is surrounded by the craftsmen's residences, the Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum, and the Uchigura Sake Brewery. Barrels used to ferment sake were lined up in rows here and then dried under the sun.

Traditional Brewing (not open to the public)

The Uchigura Sake Brewery, which is adjacent to the Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum, a brewing that dates back to 1906. Here, sake is still brewed using traditional methods.

Brand Shop

We carry a selection of Gekkeikan sakes, including some only available here, as well as Nara pickles, sake buns, and more. Stop by and pick up some souvenirs of your visit.
* No entry fee needed to visit the shop only.